Who we are

Inspired by the idea of “going organic,” Orclo is an online Indian clothing brand that advocates sustainable fashion.

We aim to bring you an exclusive range of modern clothing that has been crafted responsibly, organically, and meaningfully.

We design with the purpose of combining uber fashion with sustainability.
All our products are

* 100% organic
* 100% sustainable
* 100% cruelty-free
* 100% recycled
And promise
* 1000% Satisfaction

The Orclo Story: The reason behind starting a sustainable clothing line

Orclo is the love child of our passion and vision to reduce environmental degradation.

We are aware of the impact of the fashion footprint on our planet. And to deter that, we dreamt of creating a clothing line that has a greener base.

So, after in-depth research works and conversing with hundreds of manufacturers, we came up with the idea of starting with our sustainable fashion brand to lower the fashion footprint in India.

And voila! Orclo was born!

Three strong reasons why we believe in sustainable fashion

High quality and durable

Sustainable clothes are made from high-quality natural raw- materials that are durable and environmentally friendly. By buying sustainable garments, you can reduce wastage and the number of clothes you usually buy.

Strikes a balance in our planet

Sustainable clothes use recycled and upcycled raw materials, which reduce wastage and pressure on our earth. So it, in a way, strikes a balance between the world and all its living beings.

It is Fairer and Safer

When you support and buy sustainable clothes, you support a healthy and fairer human work condition. Sustainability does not support human slavery!

Our Vision

“To make sustainable fashion beautiful, flexible, and accessible to everyone, every day.”