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About Us

Orclo = Organic + Cotton

Who we are

Orclo is an eco-friendly online store that crafts clothing from 100% organic and recycled cotton. It aims to improve the quality of life for all through sustainable fashion. We are based in India, and our manufacturing is cruelty-free.

Today Orclo manufactures a full line of timeless, eco-friendly clothing. We always remain committed to using the most delicate fabrics, indigenous manufacturing, and designing sophisticated styles that are never fussy.

We try to maintain moderate rates while implementing the most ecological and ethical standards in the textile industry. Each day at Orclo Apparels, we aim at reducing environmental degradation. By shopping our products, you support a more youthful Earth. Also, we are promoters of zero plastic packagings.

The Orclo Story: The  reason behind starting a sustainable clothing line

We have always dreamt of starting a men's clothing brand since our college days. As college students, we used to admire fashion. For us, fashion means self-expression and not status. As we grew, we always had in mind to initially start our fashion brand as a side hustle. For us, it was not easy to start a business as we are from a middle-class environment. The initial days were very complicated and troublesome. But we never gave up.

We were always on our toes and kept reading about fabrics, materials, raw materials, designs which gave us a better understanding of clothes. As we were researching clothes each day, we used to get horrified to know about the facts on the clothing industry. While our analysis got more profound and more substantial, we understood that polyester fabric and other such materials take an immense period of 20 to 200 years to decompose.

We decided to start slowly and met a few clothing manufacturers, factories, mills to understand it better. Later we stabbed on recycled cotton and organic cotton. Knowing about this fabric blew my mind. Such recycled and organic cotton materials last for a long time and are kind to the environment. These are eco-friendly and use less water in manufacturing. Hence, we decided to shift towards sustainable
fabrics only.

Then we never looked back and decided to start Orclo with a clear vision- to create organic clothing made in India.

However, we've always been a believer in sustainable living. Through our brand, we would like to show the world why sustainable fashion is essential.

Three strong reasons why we believe in sustainable fashion

Reason 1:

Sustainable fashion strives to create garments that are ethically made and are environmentally friendly.

Sounds simple, right?

Today mills and factories use tons of chemicals, many of them carcinogenic, to make clothes. Most of the garments are made from plastic due to fast fashion. Such fast fashion is creating a catastrophe for our oceans and leaves an environmental footprint. So switch to sustainable fashion.

Reason 2:

Sustainable fashion believes in better working conditions and good pay. Break the cycle of waste and pollution to aim for sustainability. Sustainable fashion focuses on workers' rights, gives them a decent salary for living, and provides safer working conditions.

Reason 3:

Sustainable fashion produces longer-lasting clothes of higher quality. It means that they are more expensive initially but will stay in the wardrobe for a longer duration. When these clothes come to the end of their life, they can be recycled and reused again.

Our Vision: We believe sustainable clothing can be beautiful, flexible, and accessible every day.